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About us

“Inspired by the complexity of nature, Santomaro explores the deep connections between the balance of the shapes and the observer’s awareness, creating objects that enhance properties of matter, in a continuous research towards the thin balance between Aesthetic and Funcionality.”

A creative journey begun by a pair of engineers, Franco Ciribeni and Antonella Strappa, who gave birth in the 2016 to a new Made in Italy project, creating a collection of furniture, accessories, and lighting fittings, based on a visionary concept of design combined with engineering. 

The result is an interesting atmosphere of innovation that is present in all of the home décor products, where “new” is never cold and detached, but warm and welcoming, as a home should be: a space to live in, an object to look at, always near to the individuals who reside in it, yet with elegance, discretion, and a touch of irony. Discover Santomaro Design Collection. 

Santomaro Design got its start long ago, with its first interior sketches. Eventually it began working alongside a team of engineers and designers, the first products were tested, and a reliable collaboration with local suppliers was established. In 2016 its first mono-brand store was inaugurated in Civitanova Marche and it was from here that the company took its first steps.

The entire collection is created by Italian artisan craftsmen. The company works side by side with carpenters, turners, and blacksmiths, who in turn became passionate about the project, seeking pure materials that inspire new solutions and ambitious projects.

Innovation and creativity led Santomaro to earn international recognition with first prize in the 2017 Fiber Contest, awarded during Milano Design Week, thanks to a lighting project, and then go on to register two brands and a patent, solutions adopted for the products conceived and for the creation of a unique line of home décor.

Collaborations began with the first retailers who believed in the collection, who loved the style being proposed, appreciated the authenticity, and wanted to offer a valid alternative to their clientele. Thus highly dependable relationships were established based on a direct exchange with the company, which sought to broaden its sales network with exclusive distribution areas in Italy and abroad.

The Santomaro Collection is presented in exclusive showrooms, alongside prestigious brands and in various contexts, from interiors to lighting, and even gift ideas, where people seek valuable content and appreciate the originality of a product that, as new as it is, already has so much to say.